5 Attributes Of The Most Commercial-Worthy Plastic Storage Containers

In any type of business, storage is a major component of keeping your property functional and free from clutter. Whether you have a single back room for storage or a large warehouse, organization is the key to effective storage solutions, which is why so many business owners utilize some type of storage containers or bins to shelf some items safely. If you are making an attempt to organize the storage areas of your business building, plastic storage containers are definitely the way to go. Read More 

Beyond Borders – A Checklist For Planning To Move Overseas

Planning to move overseas -- either permanently or for an extended stay -- can be both exciting and stressful. Making it less stressful may often depend on how prepared you feel and how well you have planned for the trip. To help get you started, here is a checklist of 5 key things expats should do before moving outside the country. Get Checkups. Your intended destination -- especially if it's a developing country -- may require vaccinations you don't already have. Read More 

Use a Storage Unit to Keep Your Patio Furniture over the Winter

When fall arrives and it's time to start packing up your outdoor patio furniture for another year, you might dread the process of piling your tables and chairs in the garage or basement, given the space that they take up. If you dislike cluttering your home in this way, it's worthwhile to think about renting a storage unit for the winter, especially if you have a significant amount of patio furniture to store. Read More 

Four Items You Shouldn’t Pack in the Truck When Moving

As you are getting ready to move, you may be thinking that you can take anything with you as long as it fits in the moving truck. This is not true, since some moving companies prohibit certain items from being transported to your new home because they are dangerous to move. The following items may be better off left behind or packed in your car. Firearms, Flammables, and Chemicals If you own things that are a safety hazard because of how they may respond to temperature changes, pressure changes, or movement, these things shouldn't be packed in the moving truck. Read More 

Five Features Of A Standout Storage Facility

There are a few traits that the best self storage facilities have in common. Here are some things to look for when choosing your facility.  A Great Manager Great management is key to creating peace of mind. If you know that there's a hands-on manager who will address issues quickly, then you don't have to worry about compromised security in your unit. For instance, if the security system goes down or there is a break-in, do you trust the manager to take proactive steps to correct the problem? Read More