When To Consider A Full-Service Move And What To Expect From The Moving Company

There are a lot of details and heavy lifting to attend to when you move to a new home. If it fits in your budget, you may want to let your moving company pack and unpack your belongings so you have fewer things to do and you can be sure your things are secured properly. Here's when having a full-service move is a good idea and what you can expect.

When To Consider A Full-Service Move

If you're moving for work and your company is paying for the move, you may want to have a full-service move if your company allows it. Even if you have to pay for the extra service yourself, it's often worth it. If you're a senior or have problems with mobility, it may be difficult for you to pack and lift things yourself.

Another time to consider a full-service move is when you need to move suddenly. If you don't have time to carefully pack things yourself due to a sudden move or just because you're busy, you can hire a moving company to do the work for you. They may be able to get your things packed in a single day.

If you have an active family life with kids that keep you busy, it may be difficult to pack things in advance and live out of boxes until moving day. Plus, a full-service moving company can unpack your things in your new place and set your home up like it was before. This makes things convenient for your entire family and makes it quicker to settle into a new home.

What To Expect With Your Moving Company

A representative will come to your home to look at everything you need to move so they can discuss what you want to take in your own car or handle moving yourself and what you need them to do. They'll let you know how they'll pack and prepare all of your items for moving so you'll feel comfortable with their service.

A full-service move includes all the packing supplies and specialty moving boxes needed. The crew will empty cabinets and drawers and label the boxes so the contents can be returned to the same places in your dressers and closets at your new home.

The moving company typically won't sort things or throw anything out, so be sure to toss clutter and trash or it might get packed up too. The movers usually take furniture apart and then reassemble it in your new home. You can get help with packing only or with packing and unpacking so your move is easy on you and your household.

For more information, reach out to a local moving company.