Five Features Of A Standout Storage Facility

There are a few traits that the best self storage facilities have in common. Here are some things to look for when choosing your facility. 

A Great Manager

Great management is key to creating peace of mind. If you know that there's a hands-on manager who will address issues quickly, then you don't have to worry about compromised security in your unit. For instance, if the security system goes down or there is a break-in, do you trust the manager to take proactive steps to correct the problem?

Temperature Control

Temperature control is a must if you are storing any fragile items, such as glass or chemicals that need to be kept at room temperature. Even if you don't have a temperature controlled unit, the facility should make some attempts to keep the storage facility safe in the winter months. For instance, they should make sure to keep doorways clear of ice so that you can easily access the unit in the winter, and so that no slush gets under your door and gets your boxes wet. 


Do a visual inspection of your storage facility; this can give you some clue to the standard of maintenance they have in the building. Cleanliness can cause issues with insects, for one, and you may find that bugs have crawled into your boxes and gotten trapped. 

Safety Measures

There are several security measures to look for. First of all, the area should be gated; you don't want it to be possible for lurkers to scope out storage units and plan a way to get in. A great storage facility should, therefore, have a gate with computerized access. Good lighting is another simple measure that can help to deter burglars, since they will be easily spotted by security personnel and cameras. A good surveillance system is also key; make sure that there is a camera directly pointed at the entrance to your unit. This means that you will need to go see the unit in person before putting any money down, since storage units can vary in their level of camera coverage even within the same storage facility. 


Finally, as long as the other factors here are taken care of, you can consider what kinds of perks and promotions the facility offers. Can you get the first month free? Will they help you move your stuff or provide packing materials? These factors can take a storage unit from "great" to "outstanding". 

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