Three Tips For Your Next Long-Distance Move

Making a long-distance move can be a stressful task due to the great number of factors that will need to be addressed. Unfortunately, this can make it easy for a person to make oversights that can lead to damages or complications during the move. To help avoid these risks, you can use the following tips for your next move.

Invest In A Climate Controlled Moving Truck

During a long-distance move, your items can spend a tremendous amount of time in the moving truck. Unfortunately, a traditional moving truck can expose your items to temperature and humidity extremes. These extremes can result in sizable damages to the possessions in the truck. To help prevent your items from experiencing this type of damage, you may want to use a climate-controlled truck. These trucks are equipped with special devices that can help to ensure the temperature and humidity stay within an acceptable range. While these trucks will be more expensive than a traditional truck, keeping your items safe during the move can be more than worth it.

Keep Items That You Will Need The First Few Days Separate

During a long-distance move, it is possible for you to arrive at your new home a day or two before the moving truck, and this can be even longer if you opted to fly to your new house. You can help ensure that you can be as comfortable as possible during these couple of days by making sure to pack the items you need as soon as you arrive separately from the rest of the truck. In particular, you should make sure to include any medications, toiletries, and sleeping gear.  If you need more items than you can comfortably carry with you, it may be advisable to ship these items overnight to your new address so that they will be waiting for you.

Know The Risks Of Packing With Newspaper

It can be common for individuals to wrap their fragile items in a layer of newspaper. While newspaper can help to cushion and protect these items, it can also expose them to a higher risk of suffering damage. For example, the ink on the newspaper can easily bleed off onto the items that it is covering. Unfortunately, this can result in permanent stains that degrade the appearance of these items. This can be especially problematic for fine glasses and plates, and once these items suffer this type of damage, it may be impossible to fully restore them. You will need to ensure that you only wrap items in blank paper to minimize this risk.

For more information or advice when planning your move, talk to long-distance moving companies near you.