Mistakes To Avoid On A Long-Distance Move

Making mistakes during your move from one neighborhood to another can be frustrating, but making mistakes on a long-distance trek can be painful. Mistakes can not only prove to be costly, but also a huge waste of time. If you are planning a long-distance move, here are some commonly made mistakes you should avoid.

Packing and Moving Too Much

Long-distance movers generally charge according to the overall weight of your belongings, the time it takes, and the distance traveled. If you have too many belongings, the cost of moving can quickly balloon. 

Before packing your belongings, take some time to sort them. Anything that you do not need should be tossed or donated. If you want to earn some extra money towards moving, consider having a garage sale a few weeks before the move. 

Failing to Get an In-Home Estimate

Some moving companies will give you an estimate over the phone for their services. Unfortunately, the estimate might not be as accurate as you need it to be. It can be difficult to accurately assess the weight of objects without experience. At the last minute, you could be left scrambling to find the funds to cover your moving expenses. 

To ensure that you are adequately prepared to pay the final bill, get an in-home estimate for your belongings. The movers have the experience needed to accurately assess how much you have and what will be needed to complete the move. An in-home estimate also gives you a chance to find out if there are other fees of which you should be aware. 

Forgetting to Pack a First Night Box

Once you make the journey to your new location, unpacking everything can seem like a tremendous task. Finding what you need for the first night in your new home can be exhausting and time-consuming as you search from box to box. 

To avoid this problem, you and your family need to pack a first night container. In the container, put all of the household and personal items needed to make it through the first night. To help the container stand out from the boxes, use a clear plastic container. If possible, pack it in the car with you. 

There are many other errors to look out for when moving long distance. Consult with your movers to learn more tips that you and your family can use to make the move easier. 

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