5 Tips To Help Avoid Downtime During A Move With Your Business

Once you have made the decision to move your business, the work is only just beginning. From safeguarding your equipment to letting your vendors and customers know, a lot of planning and preparing goes into a commercial move. This can be stressful on any business owner especially when you experience a lot of downtime. As a result, you could experience a loss in income during this time. In an effort to remain in business during your big move, here are some tips for finding a balance between the move and continuing to stay productive. 

Change Your Business Stationary

One of the first things you want to do during a commercial move is to make sure you let your customers and vendors know about the changes. Even after you have told them about the move, it can be forgotten so you want to be sure you change your business stationary right away. This helps remind them of your new address. Additionally, you want to change your information on all social media outlets, electronic signatures, and any printed materials your business has available. 

Move During Off Hours

The best way to move without interfering with your business is to move during off hours. You will want to speak with both property managers to ensure that you have access to both buildings, loading docks, elevators. You also want to make sure the heating and air conditioner will be available during the off hours as some companies will turn this off at night. This also allows you to service your customers during your normal business hours without any interruptions. 

Get Rid of Old Inventory

Another important task to help the moving process go smoother is to purge any old inventory. This will keep what you need to move at a minimum. Many companies can obtain a tax break for donating any equipment they no longer need. This also enables you to use fewer resources when moving once you have gotten rid of stuff you no longer use. 

Assign a Moving Manager

In order to save money during the move, you can use internal resources like assigning one of your employees to be a moving manager. This person should be the go-to person for all moving needs including communication with the movers, IT department, and property managers. This will help reduce stress during the move by having someone in charge. 

Mark Boxes Appropriately

Moving a company requires a lot more work than moving a household. While it may be common to mark a box only on one side, you will have a lot of boxes to sort through and chances are they will be stacked on each other. To avoid moving around each box to see what its contents entail, you want to make sure you mark the box on each side. This will make it easier to locate. 

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