Four Ways To Save Money When Moving… Without Begging Friends For Help

Moving can be expensive. In order to save money, many people ask their friends and family to help out rather than hiring a moving company. But what if you don't have close friends who are willing to help, or if you don't want to burden your family? You can still save money on your move. Here are four ways to spend less on your move without begging friends and family members for help.

Move on a weekday.

Everyone wants to move on the weekend, so moving companies often charge a bit more for weekend moves. (Plus, they have to recoup the extra money they may have to pay their workers to come in on the weekend!) If you plan your move in a weekday, you can expect to find cheaper rates. This might require a bit of planning ahead and schedule massaging, depending on your job, so start making your moving plans now rather than waiting until the last minute and getting stuck with a weekend moving date. Contact a company like Modern Movers, Inc. for more information or a quote.

Disassemble furniture before moving.

If you have any tables, chairs, or other large pieces of furniture that come apart, take out your tool kit and disassemble them before the moving company arrives. This will save space in the moving truck, save your movers the time they'd spend carrying heavy, bulky furniture, and also prevent the movers themselves from having to take apart furniture. As a result, your total bill should be lower.

Purge your items before the move.

The more you move to your new home, the more you'll pay. Spend a day or two going through all of your items and getting rid of anything you don't need. Donate it to charity or throw it away if it's old and worn. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven't used it in a year, you don't really need it – and you should leave it behind when you move.

Remember tax deductions.

If you're moving at least 50 miles away for work, chances are good that you can write off a number of your expenses on your taxes. You can also deduct moving expenses if you're a member of the Armed Forces and your move was due to a military order. So, save all of your receipts related to the move, and turn them in to your tax professional when the time comes. If you do your own taxes, note that the form you'll need to use to deduct moving expenses is Form 3903.