Four Items You Shouldn’t Pack in the Truck When Moving

As you are getting ready to move, you may be thinking that you can take anything with you as long as it fits in the moving truck. This is not true, since some moving companies prohibit certain items from being transported to your new home because they are dangerous to move. The following items may be better off left behind or packed in your car.

Firearms, Flammables, and Chemicals

If you own things that are a safety hazard because of how they may respond to temperature changes, pressure changes, or movement, these things shouldn't be packed in the moving truck. This especially applies to items that are chemical based or flammable, such as oil, propane tanks, and gasoline.

Another dangerous item that you may want to move yourself is a firearm. If the firearm is packed in a place that is considered readily accessible, the local laws regarding how you transport the firearm will apply. It is recommended that you are familiar with the firearm laws for each state that you plan on passing through during a move. You may have to store the firearm in a specific way to meet the requirements of local laws.

Perishable Belongings

Any plants that you have should be left behind since there can be restrictions on moving plants across state lines. For example, a plant could have a disease that could be very harmful to the new area that you are moving to.

Some moving companies will not transport food due to the risk of the food items going bad while packed away in a hot moving truck. You are better off packing any food into a cooler that you can take with you inside your air conditioned car or throwing it away.

Temperature-Sensitive Belongings

Do you own anything that is sensitive to extremely hot or cold temperatures? Be aware of where these items are packed, since moving trucks usually aren't temperature controlled. For example, the lithium battery in an electronic device can be extremely sensitive to hot temperatures due to the chemicals inside that could become flammable under pressure.


Never plan for your move to go as expected. The moving truck may get in an accident, or the truck could be delayed in getting to your new home. If you do have any medications that you depend on, they should be packed with you instead of in the moving truck.

For a more detailed list of prohibited items, visit a site such as or speak with your moving company prior to your moving date.